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Trade shows can be costly, time consuming, and tiring. They can also be incredibly lucrative for your company. Are you getting the best results for your money and effort?

We’ve seen it before. The trade show crowd is insane, and you need all hands on deck to help you manage the booth. You get a few volunteers from the office or your storefront to travel in to help handle the crowd then hope for the best.

They know your product well and are a core part of your team onsite. The long days, the sea of people and the inability to take a break can cause a fast burnout though, and your team isn’t necessarily cut out for these 12-15 hour days on their feet. Meanwhile, the pile of unmanned tasks back at the office is getting out of control while your operations staff has been pulled away to manage the show.

That’s where we come in.

With over 10 years of experiential and promotional marketing experience, we are ready to hype up your customers, increase sales, and assist you in getting the best return on your investment.

Do you need to collect more emails? We politely persuade. Do you prefer to talk to more highly qualified leads? Tell us your criteria, then let us do the screening for you. Or maybe you simply don’t have the manpower needed to handle the traffic at your booth; we can jump in and help with any task you need support with.

Our highly trained event staff are ready to go and available nationwide. Contact us today for a quote!