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Are you…

• Short-staffed at your event and losing potential business because you can’t keep up with the crowd?

• In need of a “gate keeper” to screen customers so you can spend less time shootin’ the breeze and more time talking to the correct clientele?

• Simply looking for an edge over the competition at the show?

What We Offer:

  • Sales Support – Speak with customers, close the deal, finalize the sale
  • Lead Generation – Collect consumer data (we love sweepstakes for this!)
  • Greeters / Hostesses – Gather a crowd and screen guests as needed
  • Emcee Services – Put us on the mic!
  • On-Camera Hosting – Video interviews with your staff or consumers to use as valuable content for your website and social media

Our services are available nationwide. Pricing will vary depending on the type of service (i.e. video/emcee host will range higher), total number of show hours, and location.

Use this form to contact us for a quote! We will reply within 24-48 hours.

If you are submitting a request for a quote, please include as much detail as possible (i.e. show name, dates, and location).